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17 - FOLLOWING (sui)


Do not argue with what is; simply follow the progress of truth.

I think this hexagram is pretty self-explanatory! Follow my blog! hahaha!

(I swear this was a random reading)

I am excited to undertake this blog!! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the I CHING, it is an ancient Chinese spiritual and philosophical source written some 3000 years ago which contains all 64 distinguishing characteristics of CREATION. Think of it this way… In the beginning there was pure potential, which both existed and didn’t exist and therefor was both nothing and everything because INFINITY goes endlessly in both directions. The BINARY was then created, represented as God and the Devil to the West and Yin and Yang to the East, but the TAO (or THE WAY) remains separate from the two as pure potential. Think of the Tao as the Force, or the effectiveness of all essences, to which Yin and Yang are compelled or repelled. Dark Side? Light Side? Sounds familiar, yeah? From this binary system, we further break down into the four elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire (Heart too! but that’s another entry) and into the six trigrams. Out of the permutations of Yin and Yang we get 64 strong concepts which all together make up the larger picture of all Creation.

Using the 3 COINS divination method (the method I use), in which 3 coins are tossed 6 times to ascertain the overriding characteristic of the moment and its possible outcome, one can effectively communicate with the Tao itself and gain insight into situations and relationships. What I intend to do with this blog is keep a record of the interplay of Yin and Yang as it relates to my own personal life and the exterior life.

The hexagram indicates not only FOLLOWING, which is an act of sacrifice, but also leading which in itself is a sacrifice. It teaches us that in order to lead, we must first learn how to follow. This is a typical MASTER/APPRENTICE relationship, where eventually the Student becomes the Master. We cannot effectively lead people, if that is our intention, without having been lead ourselves. Who your Master is, is up to you. It may be Jesus, or Buddha, God, or somebody much more personal. What is important is that you trust the path which has been set out before you. If you stray, or walk your own path, do not expect others to follow for you are on your own journey. Ego expects others to follow, but Egolessness bids all to follow.

In this instance, the 2nd line is highlighted with the added message:

Do not cling to what is inferior, either in yourself or others. If a person or thought or practice is not in harmony with the principles of the Tao, quietly let go.

This line is telling us that if there are things in our life that compel us towards the negative element, towards destruction rather than creation, we should learn to let go of them. This is not always simple, for often these elements can be addictions or bad habits, and we must remember that sometimes a clear break isn’t possible. Sometimes letting go is similar to bleeding out, where we slowly learn to make different decisions towards the proper direction. Momentum is not always easily changed, especially once it has the inertia of CHAOS behind it.

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